Meals in the air

Meals in the Air

The Best Airplane Food I\'ve Ever Had
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History and introduction to modern cooking

When and how did humans begin cooking? The answer has not been found yet, but there are many theories trying to resolve this mystery. Archaeologists, anthropologists and historians hold different opinions on this subject. Some believe that cooking started from incidentally food falling in fire. Their theory is that, humans began using fire for their protection. One day, accidentally food might have fallen in this fire and some curious person might have tasted it and after finding it delicious, could have told others which gradually became known to all. Ancient pottery from Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilization show advanced cooking techniques using different pottery. These types of pottery were also discovered in Ancient Bengal Civilizations. It was also common in many African desert civilizations to roast food under sunlight. Later on, humans might have discovered fire and pottery.
Anyway, the main theme is that cooking was linked to the discovery of fire. In Greek mythology, Prometheus was said to have given fire to humans. There are also so many myths and stories pertaining this type of concept involving supernatural involvement.
It is still a debate of whom or when the use of fire was discovered. But it is sure that the evolution of the use of fire and the way of cooking occurred. From roasting food under the scorching heat to the usage of hot rocks to the invention and use of pottery all happened gradually. It is of great fascination how we invent or discover new things and find a way to use it for our purpose.
Cooking evolved over thousands of years. At present we use ovens, gas-stoves and even earthen stoves in many rural cultures. Different types of techniques are used in cooking. Our present cooking style does stop this evolution, rather some day we might begin to use some new technique which will make previous ways obsolete.


Breif overview of what we call food

hamburger cake
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Perfect Payesh

Gurer payesh ( Rice pudding with jaggery )
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This particular food is usually cooked and served at special occasions. It is one of the most favorite foods in Bangladesh. From time immemorial, this food has been eaten. It is a part of the Bangladeshi culture and heritage. All walks of people from young to old, all love this food and enjoy its delicacy. In Bangla New Year, weddings, birthdays, etc. this is a typical food cooked for guests. Sometimes it is cooked at home without any occasions. The ingredients are found everywhere in Bangladesh and even in most parts of the Sub-continent.
1. Milk - 1 Liter
2. Rice- 2 teacups
3. Cardamom- 3/4 pieces
4. Peanut- ½ teacup
5. Sugar- ½ teacup
6. Bay leaf- 2


What is Paleolithic cooking?

Steak, I love you.
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Paleo or Paleolithic cooking came around as a need in today’s society. The world we live in today, food is processed and treated with GOD knows what. The key to Paleolithic cooking is getting back to the basics. NO GMO’s, no hormones, nothing to make animals, fruits or vegetables grow at an accelerated rate. Could you imagine how much better off our society would be if all people could live a live not ingesting chemicals and hormones.


Making Perfect BBQ Chicken

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Trying to make perfect BBQ chicken can sometimes be difficult. I recall buying BBQ chicken plates, and the chicken would be so dry that it would be totally inedible. This lead me to try to develop the perfect BBQ chicken. Chicken is a very delicate meat ,when it comes to trying to achieve the right texture and juiciness while trying to ensure that it gets fully cooked. Let’s face it. The last thing we want is for our family, friends, or guest to get sick from eating undercooked chicken. Well, I guess enough gabbing. It’s time to unveil the secrets.